The One Way To Reach Your Goals

Everybody has goals in life. Some big, some small. No matter where you are in life – you want to get somewhere.

Maybe you want to learn how to illustrate. Maybe you want to master your Instrument. Or just to spend less time on social media. 

No matter how big of a goal you set, there will always be the same pattern to it: you will only be able to reach your destination if you tackle it one step at a time

There are different formulas written by experts that’ll guarantee you success. But usually they are to complicated and you might loose yourself in them. Seriously did it ever work for you??? (No, seriously, let me know) 

Everyone is different, everyone has their unique ways. (#Special-Snowflake-Alert) So maybe this One Thing will work for you. It definitely works for me.

But always remember: 

 So here it is.

You will need a notebook for it. 

Step 1 : Write down your goals.

Take a page to write down your goals. It is best if you categorize them, it will be easier for you to overlook them. (See photo above) 

Step 2 : Designate one day a week to answer the following questions in your notebook

  • In which areas did  I improve? 
  • What did I do to improve myself? 
  • What worked worked well? 

Then ask yourself the following (which is equally important)

  • What didn’t work well the past week? 
  • What exactly should I improve next week? 

You will soon realize that revising your goals and your progress weekly will open your eyes. You will be able to identify your weaknesses. You will see your lazy weeks and productive weeks. Each week will be a step forward. But the Key to success is always: consistency.

But in the end we’re all just living on a tiny blue planet in a magnificent, endless, ever expanding universe. So take it easy. 

Bye bye tiny human. I hope you enjoyed this little post. Always to your service *tiny-human-bow* 




Sending you LOOOOVEEEE ❤ 

What’s In My Bag? 9 Things.

What’s In My Bag? – Is the biggest cliché post ever. I get it.
But every time I see a fellow blogger post about it, I do click on it.
You can’t blame me, can you?

It’s just one of those things (Louis Armstrong Vibes???) that really tells a lot about a person. In my opinion its a fun way for us to get to know each other.

So without further ado let’s get starteeeeeeed…

1. Bullet Journal

Processed with VSCO with  preset

I always have my Bullet Journal in my bag. I can’t live without it, dude. It has all my plans, all my ideas, appointments, creativity, challenges and inspirations inside.
Yeah sure I could use Evernote to have it all backed up. But seriously you guys.
This brings me too much joy to not use. It is definitely a source of happiness.

And if you didn’t know yet. I have an Instagram account completely dedicated to this yellow beauty – @natasjournal

2. My Wallet

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

This is an obvious one. This is one of my favorite useful possesions. Writing this post I realize that I’m going to use the word ‘favorite’ a lot. Isn’t it wonderful to be surrounded by your favorite things? Favorite. Favorite. Favorite.


3. Tissues

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

So do you know that moment when you sneeze on public transportation? And have NO tissues? Your nose is running and there is no help in sight? That SUCKS! Especially with allergies. Sooo… that’s why I got those little dudes.


4. Keys

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Keys. Do I need to say more?


5. Sketchbook

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I always carry my Sketchbook and use it almost daily. Its my go to activity during class, long train rides. My little creative outlet. Emotion-diary. My sketchy little sketch thing.

6. Tao Te Ching

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu is a Chinese classic philosophical text.
It is an endless source of inspiration. It is THE book to live by.
I won’t go deep into this in this post. Those few lines won’t be enough to capture the magnificent essence of this book. Maybe in another post.


7. Pencil-Case

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

My pencil-case is being used daily. For sketching, bulletjournaling, scribbling. You know, what you usually use your pens for.
This pencil-case is my favorite. It’s from MUJI, just like my sketchbook. It is big enough to fit all the essential pens I use and small enough to fit perfectly  e v e r y w h e r e.
I just love it. One of those great purchases.


8. Canvas Tote Bag

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I always have a tiny canvas tote bag with me in case of unexpected shopping. Just to avoid using plastic bags. #muchconcious


9. Water Bottle

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

May I present you my super cool water bottle? Its one of those cool indestructible, BPA-free, vegan, gluten-free, zero-waste bottles. Just Kidding! No offense, K?
But it is actually free of harming chemicals and it IS indestructible. I love it.
Aaand thanks to the measurement on the bottle I can see how much I drank in a day which motivates me to get all that H2O into my body.

Last Words

See. The Whats-In-My-Bag Post is over AND you didn’t get bored!
And maaaybe you even liked on of the things I showed you… And maaaybe you even got inspired. Whoah, yes, I said it. Inspired.
If this post did something to you, let me know in the comments or write me here.
And yeah sure you can tell me its boring. (But u bettaa not, mkaaay?)


Sending you much love and hope to see you again… 🙂

P.s: If you didn’t get the Louis Armstrong reference. Check THIS out.


5 Inspiring Yoga Instagram Accounts



Hannah and Pablo. Ah.
@gypsyon__ are one of the most inspiring couples on Instagram.
Yes. Hannah runs a yoga/acroyoga account, with beautiful videos and adorable photos of Nalu (their baby pup.)
So whats so special about them?
Hannah is living her truth. Her Life. Authentically.
She inspires us to not settle for mediocrity and instead encourages us to actually do what we desire.  She lives what she preaches. ( I can’t stress that enough!!!).
And I promise that the love between Pablo and Hannah will shine through your little device right into your heart.
Besides all that, Hannah is answering our questions in her Instastories, about: Life, Yoga, Relationships, Health and much much more. I could really go on and on about @gypsyon__ and how much she inspired me, but you should really go and see for yourself.



This woman is a warrior.
With her videos of little dances and yoga flows she will awaken the warrior in you.
I can’t stop feeling inspired and happier after seeing her in my feed.
She brings this easiness and happiness into the yoga practise, that makes you want to jump right on your mat (and jiggle a bit?).
At the same time Erin is sharing with us her recovery from depression, anorexia and bulimia. Which is so relatable and empowering.
@erintron is a strong yogi and so much more.




This yogi is a piece of flowing art.
Karena is sharing her life in beautiful pictures.
Don’t be fooled. She will let you know that life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. (even tho you’ll see a lot of it in her feed, ha-ha.)
Karena is taking her yoga practice off the mat and inspires us to embrace life with all its highs and lows and empowers us to do more things that fuel our soul.
Take a look at her feed @karenaabeana 🙂




Ches is 20% Yoga, 9% Calisthenics, 9% Suspension Training, 2% Zumba and 60% Bastard.
Yep. Look for yourself. This dude is classic.  If sarcasm, irony, looks, spirituality and humor had sex @badyogi.ches would be their offspring.
Check out one of his recent captions:

“Dear Handstanders: It’s not all about handstands on any surface, do some splits.
Dear Splits fans: It’s not all about opening your legs, do some handstands.
Dear backbenders: It’s not all about flexing your back, do some arms balance.
Dear yogi-calisthenics: Just… Relax dude.
Dear yogi-dancers: Stop dramatic poses.
Dear yogi-vegans: We know you throw your smoothie to the garbage after the photo. Go for an ice cream to McDonald’s.
Dear Yogi-Influencers: It’s not all about accepting any free product and promoting it. Moderation and Dignity. Get some money from the brands.
Dear Yogi-Fashion: It is not all about showing that you wear Lululemon, Manduka and Alo Yoga. Go for a WalMart leggings and Some humility.
Dear organizers of any challenge that comes to mind: Stop making challenges about stupid topics.Take a break.
Dear 200YTTs: stop doing “good and wrong alignment” tutorials, we know you Know ALL the secrets of yoga and universe and that you are a superior being.
Dear sensitive people: CALM YOUR SASSY BUTT.  Don’t get offended by something you saw on the internet, like this.
Dear me: do all the above.”
Classic Ches.



Morgan has this spark that you just immediately love.
Without ever meeting her you just know that she is a good soul.
She never thought of herself as a public figure, speaker or teacher growing up.
Rather an introvert and someone who avoids being in the spotlight at all costs.
So it is especially interesting to follow her on her path and her calling.
Morgan is living her dreams, her life. I would say to the fullest.
But it is you who should judge. 😉
Check her out @the_southern_yogi

Know Your Values


Have you ever really thought about them?
Why are they important?

Have you ever thought about your internal motivation for your deeds? I’m not talking about instincts like hunger and thirst. I’m talking about your everyday decision-making. The minute you wake up. You decide whether you continue to lay in your warm and cozy bed or whether you jump under a cold shower? Or if you take time to prepare a healthy and happy breakfast or if you just eat some cereal (no offense here, hehe)?

Think about it?
What motivates us? What makes you – you?
One of the answers is: your Values.
You are not just a machine that reacts to intrinsic stimuli. You are a human being that has the power to create a reality he wishes to live in. You have the power to bring your life to alignment, to harmony, to happiness.

What Are Values?

Values are your lasting beliefs, your inner truths about what is right and wrong. They have a major influence on your behavior and attitude. They serve you as guidelines in all situations in life. They are the inner measurement by which you determine if life is turning out the way you want to.
That’s why it is very important to make a conscious effort to figure out what your personal values are.

4 Steps To Determine Ones Values

Down below you will find a List of Values. Read them all.

Step 1:

Read the list and let all the impressions sink in. Feel how the values that you read resonate with you.

Step 2:

Circle (or write down) the Values that most resonate with you.  You have no limit (yet) so circle all that feels right.

Step 3:

Turn the page and write down your 25 Top-Values. If you feel like something is missing, feel free to add it to your list. Examples could be: Self-Love, Nature, Natural Living, Laughter, Feminism, Spirituality, Tidiness, Minimalism… The list could go on and on.

Step 4:

Clarify your 7 Core-Values. Those are the ones that matter the most.
You can do it by grouping common values under one main value that summarizes them all. You can take out values that are obviously not significant for you. Or just decide by process of elimination which values are your 7 key ones.


(you can download the file and  print it out) / (c) by Simon Maryan



You determined your core values. Now take a piece of paper and write them down neatly; and hang it above your desk if you wish. They will guide you through your day and you will be able to see the magic of those tiny words unfold.

I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Sending all the love 🙂

Flow With The Moon

The moon has always played a major role in the history of mankind. By observing the moon we would mark the beginnings and endings of a month. By following the lunar cycle we would anticipate the seasonal changes. Living as nomads we would know when to move and when to stay according to the moon and its stars. In modern society we don’t have to rely on the moon as much. We developed other systems to give us reference points. But we still get to experience the magic of the soft and stormy waves of the moons energy.
The moon has 8 main phases, depending on its position with the sun and the earth. Each phase has its special energy that you can use to improve your overall well-being, enhance your strengths and come closer to your life goals with each month.
Disclaimer: even if you think that you are not sensitive enough to feel the moons power, or if you think that all of this is hocus-pocus – keep on reading and you will realize that  to flow with the moon is a great way to always keep up with your goals and to stay on your path.

Moon Phases


New Moon
You can look at the new moon as a  fresh start. In the first hours of the new moon you should take your time  to perform a new moon ritual.  This is a time of setting your intentions for the new month/ lunar cycle. This can take on any form you want. You can write down your intentions, meditate on them. Create a calm and sacred atmosphere, light a candle, put up some crystals that you feel would assist you in the process or just sit on your carpet or yoga mat. ( I may actually just write a blog post completely dedicated to the new moon ritual, so stay tuned. )
Crescent Moon
So you wrote down your intentions and meditated on them. What’s next? Now is the perfect time to act on them. You planted your seed of intentions, now water them. You planned to eat healthier? Go buy some fruits and veggies. You wanted to feel more positive? Go for a walk. Want to be more active? Do some yoga or join the gym! There are plenty of ways how to act on your intentions; but the important thing is that you do! It will give you positive momentum and will keep you going through the whole lunar cycle.
First Quarter Moon
In this period you should feel that your actions are slowly paying off. Unfortunately this is also a time of some emotional blockage. Your main focus should be on transforming this blockage into action. The first quarter moon will deliver the strength and concentration you need. (Actually all you need is always inside you, you just have to tap into your strengths.)
Gibbous Moon
This is the stage before your intentions manifest. This is a good time to fine tune your ideas and creative workings. Be prepared to bloom.
Full Moon

This is the ultimate time of manifestation and of letting go of what no longer serves you. (yeah everyone’s saying that, but what does it mean?!) As the blossoming energies start to diminish the turning point of the cycle arrives. You should take your time to perform a ritual of gratitude, acceptance and of letting go. Be grateful for the intentions and goals you were able to achieve, accept that not everything was meant to be and finally let go of everything that is holding you back. Let go of toxic relationships, of negative emotions and thoughts. The full moon has a very cleansing energy, so you might as well sit in the moon light and meditate; and don’t forget to give your crystals a cleanse too (or any object that might need a cleanse).  The full moon is a good time to start your decluttering process or your weight-loss journey. (#whynotboth?!)

Disseminating Moon
Relax. This is a good time to give yourself a break. Be present, enjoy the moment and be grateful for what you achieved. Breathe.
Last Quarter Moon
The last quarter moon gives you the right mindset for introspection. Go back to yourself. Take a look inside. Realize that you can now collect the fruit of what you planted on the new moon.
Balsamic Moon

This is the final stage of the lunar cycle. Take a step back. Withdraw from the world if necessary. Take the time to renew yourself and finally let go of all the negativity. Emerge into the pure mindset.


Take It Easy

The lunar cycle is a powerful force. But don’t be overwhelmed. Take it easy. You don’t have to make everything right from the beginning. Today is the day of the new moon. Take a few breaths. Ask yourself how do you feel? Can you feel the fresh energy? Can you smell the scent of new possibilities? Buckle up and enjoy the ride. 🙂
P.s.: If you have any questions or just want to say hi feel free to contact me.

A Simple Beginning


Hello! My name is Nata.
I started this blog to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind and to inspire others to reach their highest potential.
My personal goal in life is to be happy (crazy, right?). To achieve that I have been experimenting with different techniques to make life as simple, joyous and productive as possible. Some of them include meditation, yoga, full body workouts, minimalism, morning and evening routines, gratitude, bullet journaling and many more.

I made this platform to share with you what inspires me with the goal to spark some new light, joy and motivation in you too.

About Me

I am currently a student of occupational therapy. (Wait! do you really want to know that?)
I am a woman in her 20s trying her best to give value to the lives of others by inspiring spiritual growth, creativity and simplicity.
I am  not a writer, so please don’t expect any crazy writing skills from me just yet (thank you).
I am very passionate about art, self-love, self-expression in dance, music or in any other creative and free outlet.

Freedom. Equality. Spirituality. Those are topics I could write books about; one blog-post at a time. And by now, you would’ve guessed that I own a few crystals too (surprise!?). I think by now you got a rough picture of who I am. So I don’t want to share too much information with you here, since I want this blog to be more about the content I write and less about me (hence keeping it half anonymous).

What To Expect

I’ll keep this one as short as possible. So without further ado I will present you with a tiny glimpse of the topics that I will cover on this blog:

– minimalism

– meditation

– yoga

– bullet journaling

– mental and physical health

– self-love

– self-improvement
– organization/planning

– art

– music

– spirituality

–  joy

Oh, and so much more…

And now – go enjoy some Jazz

P.s.: Feel free to contact me 🙂