Have you ever really thought about them?
Why are they important?

Have you ever thought about your internal motivation for your deeds? I’m not talking about instincts like hunger and thirst. I’m talking about your everyday decision-making. The minute you wake up. You decide whether you continue to lay in your warm and cozy bed or whether you jump under a cold shower? Or if you take time to prepare a healthy and happy breakfast or if you just eat some cereal (no offense here, hehe)?

Think about it?
What motivates us? What makes you – you? One of the answers is: your Values.
You are not just a machine that reacts to intrinsic stimuli. You are a human being that has the power to create a reality he wishes to live in. You have the power to bring your life to alignment, to harmony, to happiness.

What Are Values?

Values are your lasting beliefs, your inner truths about what is right and wrong. They have a major influence on your behavior and attitude. They serve you as guidelines in all situations in life. They are the inner measurement by which you determine if life is turning out the way you want to.
That’s why it is very important to make a conscious effort to figure out what your personal values are.

4 Steps To Determine Ones Values

Down below you will find a List of Values. Read them all.

Step 1:

Read the list and let all the impressions sink in. Feel how the values that you read resonate with you.

Step 2:

Circle (or write down) the Values that most resonate with you.  You have no limit (yet) so circle all that feels right.

Step 3:

Turn the page and write down your 25 Top-Values. If you feel like something is missing, feel free to add it to your list. Examples could be: Self-Love, Nature, Natural Living, Laughter, Feminism, Spirituality, Tidiness, Minimalism… The list could go on and on.

Step 4:

Clarify your 7 Core-Values. Those are the ones that matter the most.
You can do it by grouping common values under one main value that summarizes them all. You can take out values that are obviously not significant for you. Or just decide by process of elimination which values are your 7 key ones.


(you can download the file and  print it out) / (c) by Simon Maryan



You determined your core values. Now take a piece of paper and write them down neatly; and hang it above your desk if you wish. They will guide you through your day and you will be able to see the magic of those tiny words unfold.

I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Sending all the love 🙂

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