Hannah and Pablo. Ah.
@gypsyon__ are one of the most inspiring couples on Instagram.
Yes. Hannah runs a yoga/acroyoga account, with beautiful videos and adorable photos of Nalu (their baby pup.)
So whats so special about them?
Hannah is living her truth. Her Life. Authentically. She inspires us to not settle for mediocrity and instead encourages us to actually do what we desire.  She lives what she preaches. ( I can’t stress that enough!!!).
And I promise that the love between Pablo and Hannah will shine through your little device right into your heart.
Besides all that, Hannah is answering our questions in her Instastories, about: Life, Yoga, Relationships, Health and much much more. I could really go on and on about @gypsyon__ and how much she inspired me, but you should really go and see for yourself.



This woman is a warrior.
With her videos of little dances and yoga flows she will awaken the warrior in you.
I can’t stop feeling inspired and happier after seeing her in my feed.
She brings this easiness and happiness into the yoga practise, that makes you want to jump right on your mat (and jiggle a bit?).
At the same time Erin is sharing with us her recovery from depression, anorexia and bulimia. Which is so relatable and empowering.
@erintron is a strong yogi and so much more.




This yogi is a piece of flowing art.
Karena is sharing her life in beautiful pictures.
Don’t be fooled. She will let you know that life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. (even tho you’ll see a lot of it in her feed, ha-ha.)
Karena is taking her yoga practice off the mat and inspires us to embrace life with all its highs and lows and empowers us to do more things that fuel our soul.
Take a look at her feed @karenaabeana 🙂




Ches is 20% Yoga, 9% Calisthenics, 9% Suspension Training, 2% Zumba and 60% Bastard.
Yep. Look for yourself. This dude is classic.  If sarcasm, irony, looks, spirituality and humor had sex @badyogi.ches would be their offspring.
Check out one of his recent captions:

“Dear Handstanders: It’s not all about handstands on any surface, do some splits.
Dear Splits fans: It’s not all about opening your legs, do some handstands.
Dear backbenders: It’s not all about flexing your back, do some arms balance.
Dear yogi-calisthenics: Just… Relax dude.
Dear yogi-dancers: Stop dramatic poses.
Dear yogi-vegans: We know you throw your smoothie to the garbage after the photo. Go for an ice cream to McDonald’s.
Dear Yogi-Influencers: It’s not all about accepting any free product and promoting it. Moderation and Dignity. Get some money from the brands.
Dear Yogi-Fashion: It is not all about showing that you wear Lululemon, Manduka and Alo Yoga. Go for a WalMart leggings and Some humility.
Dear organizers of any challenge that comes to mind: Stop making challenges about stupid topics.Take a break.
Dear 200YTTs: stop doing “good and wrong alignment” tutorials, we know you Know ALL the secrets of yoga and universe and that you are a superior being.
Dear sensitive people: CALM YOUR SASSY BUTT.  Don’t get offended by something you saw on the internet, like this.
Dear me: do all the above.”
Classic Ches.



Morgan has this spark that you just immediately love.
Without ever meeting her you just know that she is a good soul.
She never thought of herself as a public figure, speaker or teacher growing up.
Rather an introvert and someone who avoids being in the spotlight at all costs.
So it is especially interesting to follow her on her path and her calling.
Morgan is living her dreams, her life. I would say to the fullest.
But it is you who should judge. 😉
Check her out @the_southern_yogi


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