WHAT’S IN MY BAG? 9 Things.

What’s In My Bag? – Is the biggest cliché post ever. I get it.
But every time I see a fellow blogger post about it, I do click on it.
You can’t blame me, can you?

It’s just one of those things (Louis Armstrong Vibes???) that really tells a lot about a person. In my opinion its a fun way for us to get to know each other.

So without further ado let’s get starteeeeeeed…

1. Bullet Journal

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I always have my Bullet Journal in my bag. I can’t live without it, dude. It has all my plans, all my ideas, appointments, creativity, challenges and inspirations inside.
Yeah sure I could use Evernote to have it all backed up. But seriously you guys.
This brings me too much joy to not use. It is definitely a source of happiness.

And if you didn’t know yet. I have an Instagram account completely dedicated to this yellow beauty – @natasjournal

2. My Wallet

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This is an obvious one. This is one of my favorite useful possesions. Writing this post I realize that I’m going to use the word ‘favorite’ a lot. Isn’t it wonderful to be surrounded by your favorite things? Favorite. Favorite. Favorite.


3. Tissues

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So do you know that moment when you sneeze on public transportation? And have NO tissues? Your nose is running and there is no help in sight? That SUCKS! Especially with allergies. Sooo… that’s why I got those little dudes.


4. Keys

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Keys. Do I need to say more?


5. Sketchbook

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I always carry my Sketchbook and use it almost daily. Its my go to activity during class, long train rides. My little creative outlet. Emotion-diary. My sketchy little sketch thing.

6. Tao Te Ching

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Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu is a Chinese classic philosophical text.
It is an endless source of inspiration. It is THE book to live by.
I won’t go deep into this in this post. Those few lines won’t be enough to capture the magnificent essence of this book. Maybe in another post.


7. Pencil-Case

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My pencil-case is being used daily. For sketching, bulletjournaling, scribbling. You know, what you usually use your pens for.
This pencil-case is my favorite. It’s from MUJI, just like my sketchbook. It is big enough to fit all the essential pens I use and small enough to fit perfectly  e v e r y w h e r e.
I just love it. One of those great purchases.


8. Canvas Tote Bag

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I always have a tiny canvas tote bag with me in case of unexpected shopping. Just to avoid using plastic bags. #muchconcious


9. Water Bottle

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May I present you my super cool water bottle? Its one of those cool indestructible, BPA-free, vegan, gluten-free, zero-waste bottles. Just Kidding! No offense, K?
But it is actually free of harming chemicals and it IS indestructible. I love it.
Aaand thanks to the measurement on the bottle I can see how much I drank in a day which motivates me to get all that H2O into my body.

Last Words

See. The Whats-In-My-Bag Post is over AND you didn’t get bored!
And maaaybe you even liked on of the things I showed you… And maaaybe you even got inspired. Whoah, yes, I said it. Inspired.
If this post did something to you, let me know in the comments or write me here.
And yeah sure you can tell me its boring. (But u bettaa not, mkaaay?)


Sending you much love and hope to see you again… 🙂

P.s: If you didn’t get the Louis Armstrong reference. Check THIS out.


6 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY BAG? 9 Things.

  1. I -always- get the sniffles when I haven’t got tissues, it’s the worst! I’m trying to cut plastic out of my life, so I don’t carry packaged tissues, but I do stockpile the endless napkins that cafes seems to smuggle into my bag. I’m on the lookout for some lovely hankies to make sure I always have something on me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s very clever!!! I would also love to cut plastic out. When I was little I would only use hankies… But I think today it would take some time to get used to them again hehe :-))

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this post, Nata! It actually did inspire me, as I’m currently looking on Amazon to get myself a Tao Te Ching book! 🙂 Kind of struggling with all the editions though, the translations are so different..


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