Everybody has goals in life. Some big, some small. No matter where you are in life – you want to get somewhere.

Maybe you want to learn how to illustrate. Maybe you want to master your Instrument. Or just to spend less time on social media.

No matter how big of a goal you set, there will always be the same pattern to it: you will only be able to reach your destination if you tackle it one step at a time.


There are different formulas written by experts that’ll guarantee you success. But usually they are to complicated and you might loose yourself in them. Seriously did it ever work for you??? (No, seriously, let me know)

Everyone is different, everyone has their unique ways. (#Special-Snowflake-Alert) So maybe this One Thing will work for you. It definitely works for me.

But always remember:

So here it is.

You will need a notebook for it.

Step 1 : Write down your goals.

Take a page to write down your goals. It is best if you categorize them, it will be easier for you to overlook them. (See photo above)

Step 2 : Designate one day a week to answer the following questions in your notebook

  • In which areas did  I improve? 
  • What did I do to improve myself? 
  • What worked worked well? 

Then ask yourself the following (which is equally important)

  • What didn’t work well the past week?
  • What exactly should I improve next week? 

You will soon realize that revising your goals and your progress weekly will open your eyes. You will be able to identify your weaknesses. You will see your lazy weeks and productive weeks. Each week will be a step forward. But the Key to success is always: consistency.

But in the end we’re all just living on a tiny blue planet in a magnificent, endless, ever expanding universe. So take it easy. 

Bye bye tiny human. I hope you enjoyed this little post. Always to your service *tiny-human-bow*




Sending you LOOOOVEEEE ❤

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