And here I’m back after a short vocation break. Without further ado I want to introduce you the top 10 things that you can do to get into the Zen-Mode.

1. Herbal Tea

Do you have an herbal tea whose smell only puts you into deep relaxation? If not then go to a tea shop where you can buy loose tea and smell yourself through all those beautiful tea creations and buy your favorite blend. This too will put you into Zen-Mode, promise.

200w (1)


2. Buy Fruits

The whole process of going to the supermarket or the farmers market and looking at the fruits, those little creations of our trees, will make you experience a sense of peace ( and appetite , hehe). Go and treat yourself with a papaya or a juicy watermelon after a hard day of work or buy some nice cherries to snack on while you study.
Treat yourself!

giphy (1)

3. Do Yoga

According to the World Health Association your body needs at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day to have a healthy body and mind. I recommend you to just find a spot at home or in nature and move your body however it feels like. Go with the flow. You will enjoy listening to your body. ♡



4. Go Out

Sometimes a change of environment is a really good idea. Especially when we feel as a lazy couch-potato. Go out to a park near by or just walk around your block listening to some ocean sounds. Changing your surroundings is so Zen.
#suchzen #muchwow


5. Get Creative

Give yourself the time and space to create something. Human beings are made to create. So take a blank pice of nice paper and draw or sketch whatever comes to mind. Or record a creative video and edit it. You can do whatever is in your head.
As Walt Disney said: If you can dream it, you can do it.


Oh please tell me you know Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared !!!

6. Write

Ever heard of Morning Pages? Basically its just a way to clear your head of everything that is going on inside it. Putting your emotions on paper makes them much less intimidating. Please Please Please try it. Its magic. You will feel so much better after doing it. Try it out now. ♡

giphy (2)

7. Creative Visualization

Daydreams are tiny little mood boosters. You can dream of a beautiful beach and a sunset or a surprise from the human of your dreams. Dream yourself into the situation you want yourself to be in. And maybe one day you’ll open your eyes and you might just be there already.

giphy (3)         200w (3)

8. Listen To Your Thoughts

This is probably the most Zen thing evaaa. (hehe)
Listen to your thoughts. Be the watcher. You will realize that you are not your thoughts, that you are much more than them and your emotions. You are this peaceful feeling that is underneath. Feel it. Come back to it more often. That is the first thing you need to do to not ever read Lists like those.

200w (2)

9. Create Space

Create some space in the day that is just for you. And fill that time with something you love to do. You can do your nails, take a nap, watch Netflix, paint, workout or just be.
Create a peaceful corner in your home which is just for you. Being there will automatically make you more peaceful and relaxed.

giphy (6)


10. Eat

Food is the best medicine for everything.
If you’re feeling stressed out it might just be that you’re hungry (or not). Ask yourself what does your body need at the moment? What are you craving?
My unpopular opinion is that having a burger (popular opinion: make sure its vegan) every once in a while is actually good. Don’t restrain yourself. You can  always find healthyish alternatives for “junk food”. So just enjoy yourself and – be zen.

giphy (5)



I hope that you enjoyed this little list. Please don’t take me to seriously.
What do you do to feel Zen?
(Oh and by the way, every time I use the word “Zen” I get the giggles. Hehehe.)



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