Originally I wanted to write a very meaningful post today.
Something about finding your purpose, your fire, your inspiration.
About that one thing that keeps you up at night and that gives you the energy to wake up early in the morning. You know? That thing.

Then I thought: nay.
Lets start smaller. Lets write about those moments when you lack the motivation and the passion to wake up. When you just sleep in and miss the magical hours of the morning.

Today was one of those days for me.
But once again I successfully defeated the heavy laziness in my chest, that made me stare on my phone all morning and scroll through the meaningless feed of Instagram – waiting for that other like to give me my daily boost of dopamine.
I know you too have those days. And I’m sure you tend to give up sometimes, and just say: “Well I can’t turn around that day anymore.”

But let me tell you: YOU CAN!

In this post I will give you some super effective ways, that will turn around ANY sluggish day guaranteed.


#1: Take a cold shower

You will be surprised how this little life hack can give you the boost of your life.
Besides feeling refreshed and awake, your brain will switch into action mode.

light-bulb-2-xxlTIPP: If you feel like jumping into a cold shower is hell for you.
Start by taking a warm shower and then gradually change the temperature of the water. Or: switch to cold water without the transition. That is the best solution.
It is important in order get all the benefits of the shower to end
it on a cold note.

#2: Get your heart pumping

Do some jumping-jacks, go for a run, do yoga.
Make a push-up, squads and crunches session until your muscles burn.
Get sweaty. Get shwifty!
Anything that will get your heart pumping will automatically wake up your body and mind.

#3: Meditate

That may sound like a strange advice, right?

“Like why should I meditate, this will make me even more sluggish and lazy.”

But no, you will be surprised. This is actually the most effective thing, that works every time for me. Just pick a guided meditation that is created with the purpose to start off your day with positive affirmations and good energy. I cannot stress enough how much
it helped me.
There are plenty of meditations for example on the free Insight Timer App. There you can choose from over 5,903 free guided meditations and join a community of over 2 Million people.
I highly recommend this app! (really, tho)

#4: Embrace your bad mood

It sounds counterintuitive, but try accepting the fact that you’re in a terrible state. Doing so will actually make the negative perception of the day go away faster, according to Mark Aoyagi, director of sport and performance psychology and associate professor at the University of Denver.

“We’re a lot better off just accepting and acknowledging where we’re at, as opposed to trying to change it,” Aoyagi told HuffPost.

This is usually the first thing I do when I get stuck in a bad, unproductive day. This truly does shrink the elephant in the room. And as soon as i accept my situation I do feel calmer and ready to tackle some things from this list.

#5: Avoid words with contractions

Words like “can’t, won’t, shouldn’t” can easily establish a negative mindset leading to a lack of motivation. Stop complaining and saying that you failed, that you can’t do better, that your day won’t turn round.
Instead say: I can do it. My day will become better. I create my reality.

Everything is in your hands. Your thoughts create your reality.

The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.
– Confucius  


light-bulb-2-xxlTIPP: To achieve best results, you should combine all of the suggestions above.
As the cherry on top I recommend you to have a nice activity planned after you’re done with this list, to continue your productive streak. If you’ll do that – and I know that you can – you will have a great day for sure!


Thank you for reading this post.
What do you think about those ideas? Do you have some that you think should be definitely included in this list? Let me know in the comments. 🙂


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