Hello sunshine 🙂

Today I want to share with you something more practical. Something that is a concern of each and everyone on our planet. Today I will talk about: Paper.

Specifically about going paper-less.


Did you know that the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper each year?

With our digital progress you might think that the usage of paper has decreased in the last couple of years, right? But actually it has increased (!) from 92 million tons to almost 300 million tons in the last 20 years.

But lets talk about you. If you’re the average worker/ student, then you use approximately 1kg (2lbs) of paper a day (on average).

And to produce this amount of paper 324 Liters of water is needed. Can you believe it?

So this is the reason why I went paperless.

Ok, no. I’m kidding.

I have only researched the facts, like now. Yes, shame on me. (not really)

So why did I go paperless?

To be honest I went paperless to make my life simple. 

As you may know, I love to be organized. I love being on top of things, having a plan of where I store what and what is up next. At the same time I’m a minimalist. So I don’t love having many folders, papers, books ( that I will only read once), the list goes on and on. I’m a student so I have many subjects in school like Anatomy Neurology where I have to write a lot of notes. So I decided to make an experiment and go paperless.

I have been doing it for the past two weeks and I don’t want to go back.

I have been using the evernote app for notetaking and everything else. I created different notebooks for my school subjects and store all my notes and documents in there.

The best part of it is that i have all my notes with me at all times either on my phone or my tablet.

Aaahhh… pure bliss.

Advantages of going paperless

I have to tell you something… Going paperless bring so many profound advantages.

So here I will list the advantages I can think of at the moment.

  1. You have all your papers, notes and documents in a safe place with you at all times on ALL of your devices
  2. You only need to carry your phone/tablet/laptop (optional: bluetooth keyboard)
  3. Your bag is super light (lack of books, notebooks, pens, scripts)
  4. You take notes much faster
  5. You  have less clutter on your desk
  6. Documents are easier to find
  7. You are actively saving the environment  ( you are saving real trees!)
  8. You save money (not buying stationary)
  9. You get a huge satisfaction in being super effective
  10. You have more space at home

Well look at that beautiful list. Did I convince you? Well… I wasn’t actually trying.

So what do you think about going paperless? Do you have any questions? And did you maybe try going paperless yourself? Let me know in the comment below 😊💚

If you want to hear more on that topic (or anything else I write about) let me know as well 💙


Sources: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Canada Environment, BuzzFeed (photo)

5 thoughts on “GOING PAPERLESS

  1. I’m thinking about doing this as well! I absolutely hate the clutter paper creates, it acts as a mental block which is the last thing I want when I’m trying to study hard! And as you said, not using paper is so good for the environment. Only problem is that I sometimes write on paper so my eyes can take a break from looking at a computer screen for hours – what do you think is a solution for that?


    1. So nice to meet like-minded people. I agree that looking at the screen all day is not easy. But I think it’s also the amount of blue light from the screen that tires our eyes. Try the “night mode” the one that blocks the blue light. It might help! 😊

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  2. Interesting. I did once try living without a paper diary and keeping it all on my phone. However I forgot things and got confused with dates. Digital documentation just doesn’t digest for me. My hand writing on the page helps me digest and learn what I’m writing about. All your statistics are very interesting and humbling, and I am the first to try and change my ways to better the environment. However, my argument would be how much environmental impact goes into producing laptops, iPads, phones etc… The manufacturing methods used for phones are riddled with slave labor and harmful substances being mined for. As for being cheaper, it may be cheaper day to day not buying note books, but purchasing digital mediums is really pricey. Plus, I adore going notebook shopping! Maybe there is a happy medium somewhere. I could probably write less lists, or at least find some ways of reducing my paper usage. Defiantly worth thinking about. 🙂


    1. I totally agree with you. It might seem so, but my primary point was the convenience. I also love using my journal … And painting is one of my passions. But besides that I try not to use any paper.

      And the environmental (and humanitarian) impact is waaay higher in the production of electronic devices. So… It’s a tough topic. I just thought it’s nice to have some facts like that 🙂

      Thank you so much for that comment !!!

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  3. Ich denke damit ist so der Schnitt gemeint. Also inklusive die ganzen Skripte oder Bürodokumente und Toilettenpapier gezählt. And einem Tag kann es weniger sein als an einem anderen.


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