Hello you! How are you?

The last couple of weeks were a bit tough emotionally. At times like that I tend to feel that everything around me is bad. That nothing can help to lift my mood. And I ask myself: why am I always so sad? Am I ever truly happy?

In cases like that I am telling myself that I have to stay stubborn. To keep fighting my way back to happiness.
Because I know that only I can bring happiness to myself – nothing and nobody else.

True happiness is always inside.

You just have to find a way to channel it and to express it.

I am not saying that feeling sadness is a bad thing. Emotions are expressions of our inner world, or at least of some part of it. And when they come, we need to listen.

We should let them be and feel them.

Because suppressing emotions will come up sooner or later like a big wave that might literally hit you like a tsunami. And you may drown.

So I encourage you to just  be still and feel.  It is an interesting sensation to feel sadness and know at the same time that it will pass. You feel that you give yourself space and that you are the master of your emotions.

Nevertheless, we should have a plan.

We should know what gives us joy no matter what state you’re in. We should know ourselves well enough to feel what brings us a little happiness even in dark times.


For me it is mostly creation and expression.

But you can read more about it in my list of things that make me happy… Enjoy!


1. Creating

I love being creative and learning new skills.
So creating is the ultimate activity to bring me joy.
Whether I love the outcome or not, in times of sadness the process is what counts.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a way of expressing my emotions.
On some days I have such an urge to flow on my mat and let out all the stress of the days and on other days I feel like working out until all my body is sore.
I just love the stillness it gives me.


3. Meditation

When my head is overflowing with thoughts there is only meditation that can save me from myself. It calms my mind on the spot and I just feel immediately better. And the best about it is, that you can do it anywhere.

200w (3)

4. Watercolors

I recently discovered that when I am in a specific mood that certain colors resonate deeply with me. When I just sit and paint the blank canvas with those colors, I feel the negativity leaving me.


5. Being with loved ones

There is nothing better than some words of wisdom from my mother. Or a hug from my loved one(s). Honestly, I am very blessed to have wonderful people around me, that support me no matter what.

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

6. Nature

Being in nature is a healing experience no matter the weather. It’s lovely to see the sun shining, to feel the fresh grass on my feet or watch the leaves fall. It reminds me that everything is temporary.


7. Playing with pets

Generally we should play more often.
But playing with pets really brings out the inner child.
It’s the best. Happiness factor 100!

8. Doing nothing

Sometimes  nothing is the answer to everything. (lol, love this sentence.)
Seriously, a nap or a bath can solve more than we might expect.

9. Bullet Journal

Yeah, my bullet journal is really doing it for me. I get excited when I can create the pages for the next month.
Or make a new pretty collection to track some new skill/habit that I’m working on.
It’s very rewarding.


10. Crystals

Oh they are just so beautiful. How can nature produce such amazing things ?  I’m in love.
Can’t get enough. I could spent hours in stores that sell them. (And I usually do spend hours…)


I hope you enjoyed reading and that I inspired you to take some minutes and think about your own list of things that make you happy.

What are some things that make you truly happy? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Nata ❤


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3 thoughts on “10 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY

  1. I just love your list😀. Interaction with nature, writing my feelings in my journal and meditating after that usually make me feel better. I find that ranting to someone who’s ready to listen is good for me ( I just love to share😂 )


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