Hello New You!
(New year, new you?!)

As the new year begins the internet fills with New Years resolutions.
This time is so magical.
There is motivation, inspiration and courage in the air.
I wanted to contribute to this magnificent time of the year, and share my New Years resolutions with you.

My 13 New Years Resolutions

  1. Veganuary
    My long time goal is to transition to a plant based diet. And I am trying very hard to do it.
    But there are many things that make it very difficult. (Culture & Living situation)
    So Veganuary is a very good way to start the year.
  2. Exercise
    I am kind of lazy in this regard. It’s simple. I want a sweat-sesh every morning.
  3. Drinking more
    I would love to drink 2 Liters a day.
  4. Eat Less
    The quality of the food I’m eating is usually pretty good. The problem is the quantity.
    Sometimes I eat way more than I should. So I would love to eat more intuitive and stop when I’m full and eat when I’m hungry. Unfortunately I’m an emotional eater.
  5. Sleep
    I would love to master my sleep schedule. Meaning: waking up at 5AM every day.
  6. Morning Routine
    This comes together with waking up earlier. I tend to skip my routine when I wake up after 6.
    I love my time in the morning. It sets my whole day. I have written about it here.
  7. Self Love
    I want to incorporate different practices to treat myself better.
    I believe that a lot of good things come out of self love. Ask yourself: If you would really love yourself, would you feed your body with processed food? Or practice negative self talk? If you really love yourself, then you love your body, mind and soul and treat yourself AND the people around you accordingly. You can find some great resources on
  8. Start Acro Yoga
    I think that AcroYoga is a lot of fun. I would love to find a local Acro community and play around with them.
  9. Reconnect with an old Friend
    It is always great to reconnect with someone from the past. You may even find out that you have much more in common now than before. Even if not, it is always worth a shot.
  10. Declutter
    As you can see from my 333 Project Post. I am quite the minimalist. Too many things and too much clutter disturbs me.
    I love to keep things clean and minimal. So I am planning on getting rid of some more clutter that has accumulated over the past year.
  11. Find my style
    As much as I think that outer appearance is secondary, I still think that its a beautiful tool to play around with.
    As an artist, I LOVE colors and patterns. I would love to finally be able to express myself through my clothing. Even if it means to have a few more pieces in my wardrobe.
    A good question to ask yourself is: What would I wear if nobody would care?)
    I want to take a few courses on skillshare. I am so amazed by this platform. It is basically a website with online lessons on ANY topic imaginable, teached by professionals in that specific field. So I would love to take classes on illustration, water color painting to express current emotions and maybe acquire some online marketing skills.
  13. Illustrate every day
    I still cant believe that I have not shared that before on my blog. But: I am an illustrator. I am super passionate about it.
    I went digital the past year and have created an instagram account @natasillustration – check it out if you want.
    My resolution is to post every day of this year.l

The interesting part

This is such a long list, right?
Who has the time to manage ALL of it?
It’s much easier to check only ONE New Years resolution.

The good news is, there is a thing called the keystone habit.

You pick one habit (or two/three) that causes a chain reaction of positive habits.
Example: You go to sleep earlier -> you wake up earlier -> you exercise -> you drink more -> you eat healthier
and so on.

Sounds good doesn’t it?
I didn’t come up with it myself. It’s from the life-transforming book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

Tell me…

What are your key habits and how long did it take to incorporate them into your daily life?
What is your number ONE priority for this year?

Sending you Love,

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