10 Facts About Me

Good morning sunshines!

Today is day 2 of the 30 day blogging challenge. Since one of the main goals of this challenge is to share more about myself, I will share 10 facts about me.

Ok it’s time to reveal myself.

Enjoy reading and comment if with me if you can relate…

10 Facts About Me

1. My Bullet Journal is Everything

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My bullet Journal is my self-development tool number one! I love setting goals every month and tracking my progress. My bujo is managing my appointments and tasks. It’s my head. My brain. If I’d lose my phone (please don’t do it to me universe!) I wouldn’t lose my life! I love my bujo so much that I even have an Instagram for it: @natasjournal !

2. I Hate Bras

You know, if I could I would go braless every day! But after a day or two everything starts to hurt, so I need some support up there.

BUT… I have to tell you. Bras are so unnecessary. If you like them, good for you, seriously. But if not, why wear them? I know they can be super pretty. But bralettes that are way more comfortable can look pretty as well (see picture above).

When you come home, do you take off your bra and feel this freedom? Why not feel like this all day every day? I encourage you to try it. Nobody will care, trust me!

3. I Love When People Come Out Of Their Closet

I didn’t know how to call this fact. But I am genuinely happy for people that come out and let people know who they truly are. It must be such a liberating and scary feeling, that I can only imagine. But I feel for everyone who is doing it. By coming out of the closet I don’t only mean being LGBTQ, I also mean showing the REAL you. Just being you unapologetically. But I think being gay is still a topic that people don’t like to talk about. I’d be really happy if our societies would accept and love people the way they are and not make their sexuality a big deal or a deal at all.

4. Sometimes I am Socially Awkward

There are social situations where I feel like I am not there. I am standing with a group that is conversing, passionately talking about a topic, while I just stand and observe. It goes that far that I just watch the people talk and forget that I am actually a part of the group and that it is expected to add to the conversation.

In moments like this I forget that people can see me. It feels more like I’m watching a movie.

5. I Only Started Reading About 2 Years Ago

It’s funny, I know. But I never liked to read before I met my boyfriend. In fact I thought that there’s nothing more boring than reading. Fast forward to today… you better don’t bring me into a bookstore. I simply won’t leave. There are too many books out there that I would like to read but not enough life left to live.

6. I Have Illustration Skills

I like drawing and illustrating digitally. I even get freelance jobs every now and then. One was really cool! I was illustrating an event in New York for a music label. It was really cool!

7. I Have A Very Cute Hamster

Her name is Luna and she is the cutest little hamster. She is always so playful and is friendly to everyone. She’s almost 2 years old. And she is a heat wave survivor! She deserves a thousand gold medals (for surviving and not biting anyone, ever.)!

8. I’m Afraid Of Spiders

I feel like spiders are designed to look incredibly scary. It’s evolution. I’m sure! But you know what? I would love to take a pet spider in my hand and see if I can fight my fear. If you know someone who has a spider, hit me up!

9. I Had An A In My Math Final (in high school)

This fact makes me really happy! Considering that I was only studying for two weeks in advance. BUT all the credits go to my brother who helped me and taught me how to rock this exam!

10. My Favorite Hobby Is Yoga

photo credit: Hannah from @gypsyon_

I don’t do it often enough. Really not. I’m trying to make it a daily habit for me. But it doesn’t change how I feel about it. I really love this feeling when I step on my mat and take the time for my body and mind to unwind and move.

Okay guys and gals!

I hope you enjoyed these unconventionally conventional facts about me. Comment below if you have any funny thoughts come up!


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