5 Current Goals – Day 3

Guys and Gals! What’s up? I hope you are well rested, yes? Cool, let’s get started!

Everyone has goals. Some people dream of them, some people write them down and some people actually achieve them.

I’d love to be the third kind of person. So I write them down and track them (In my cool little bujo that you can see in my last post).

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So here it goes…

5 Goals

From my Bullet Journal Instagram @natasjournal

1. Do Yoga


One of my goals is to do yoga 20 days of this months. It’s pretty simple but I struggle with consistency especially when it’s that hot! (I’m also a champ at finding excuses…)

2. Eat Plantbased for a Month

From my personal Instagram @natalinzky

I had this goal for quite some time now. But only this time it is actually going pretty well. No day missed so far. Normally I’m eating a plantbased diet only half the month, so I got that going for me.

3. Meditate Daily


I would love to establish a daily meditation habit. I feel a lot more centered, relaxed and peaceful on days when I took the time to meditate in the morning. It’s a great habit. Much wow. Why do I not take the time? I guess I’m in love with the snooze button.

4. Establish a Morning Routine

Okay People. Since OITNB released their new season, the passion for going to sleep early and waking up early died down. I really want the mornings to work in my favor. Right now it’s a blur and I don’t even have enough time to eat breakfast on some days. I’m sad to admit it. But something has to change! Maybe a 30 Day Morning Routine Challenge?

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5. Gratitude Journal


It’s a really cool thing you know? I used to write every day 3-5 things that I am grateful for. Something happened (maybe life?) and I stopped. I would love to come back to it and make it a habit. When I focused on the things that I am grateful for, I saw a lot more things that are great in my day to day life. It’s a great exercise for the brain to look for the good in everything!

I hope you liked this little summary of my current goals. Tell me in the comments: what are your currents goals? Where do you succeed and where do you struggle?

See you tomorrow lovely!


5 thoughts on “5 Current Goals – Day 3

  1. These are great goals! I’m the exact same when it comes to yoga and meditation; I love them and find them massively helpful…..buuuuut also find myself doing pretty much anything BUT them. Hope you achieve all these goals x


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