A Day In My Life

Heeeey party people!

Welcome to day 4 of the 30 day blogging challenge!

You know how people write about their perfect day, and all the cool things they do. All the morning routines and beauty routines and skin care and yoga and smelling sunflowers and bathing in lavender fields?

Well this post ain’t one of them.

You can’t sit down comfortably, grab a cup of tea (nah, don’t worry that post won’t be long) and keep on reading…

spoiler alert: no morning routine.

First Hours

My alarm rings. It’s 5:30. Every single morning there is this wonderful possibility for me to actually stand up and do my morning routine. But recently (the last 2-3 months, lol) I started a relationship with the snooze button on my phone. So instead of waking up at 5:30 I stand up at 6:30ish. That’s super late considering that I have to leave the house at 7AM.

Good, now you know.

Those 30 minutes are spent brushing my teeth, washing my face, using some dope oils, putting on some make up (or not, depends on my mood) and maybe having breakfast. That’s all I can do before I have to rush out and pray to god that I will be on time.

Middle of The Day

Yeah so I’m sitting in class all day basically. I’m using my iPad to take notes of the class or I’m doing some illustrations or checking off my habit tracker in my bujo.

Since a few days I’m back into illustrating and playing around with a new style. Hey that’s some good news. Because I might use some of the new designs to print postcards. Yay!

Here’s one of the illustrations I did in class.

Yeah I drew my breakfast, so what?

Then class is over. And I am going home.


Since this post is supposed to be very honest, here you go:

I arrive at home at 6PM (that’s the best case) after 11 hours of being out. I’m dead tired. All I want is to distract myself and sleep or eat.

So usually I’ll make some food and binge watch OITNB or something. If there’s nothing good on Netflix I’ll listen to ASMR on YouTube and fall asleep like a baby.

Drop of honesty: Yes I have responsibilities and they have to be done before I sleep. But they vary from day to day so I won’t write them down here.

The End

So this is maximum low of my productivity. There are days where I’m a terminator and I do EVERYTHING that is on my to do list. Like today! Today is a good day (minus the morning routine, hehe).

Note to self: don’t worry Nata. The 30 day morning routine challenge is just around the corner!

Guys! I hope you liked today’s post! Keep your eyes open for the next one tomorrow!


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