A Photograph Of Myself – Day 5

Good evening Munchkinlander!

I hope you had a great day… it is already day 5 of the 30 day blogging challenge. This one’s particularly easy. It’s just a photograph. Well, a photograph means a lot to Ed Sheeran, I guess. But anyway, here you go! I hope you enjoy them (yes them, because one isn’t enough!)


That’s me having the time of my life on a longboard in Venice Beach in LA. Sounds cool? Was cool.

Look at that beach, that beach is amazing, give it a lick – mmh. It tastes like raisin. Got it?

This was a pretty view at the highway number one. Really nice. Thank you California.

Vegas, baby!

I met Elvis that day, he was a sweetheart.

Being all cool and shit at the Zion National Park. Highly recommend to go there if you’ll be around.

Mmh. This place was taken out of paradise. Nothing around you but fields of long grass and cows. And two hot springs. Best. Place. To. Relax.

Good Night

I hope those pictures could give you a glimpse of who I am. Or at least you could make assumptions based on those pictures. Which is fun! Of course I have carefully handpicked those photos for you.

Let me know… what assumptions do you have of me, based on those pictures? Haha I’d love to hear them.

Good night friendly people! See you tomorrow xx


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