Relax! 5 Self-care Tipps

Ooh what a weekend! But relaxation and fun doesn’t have to end here!

Welcome back internet-friends!

It’s day 6 of the 30 day blogging challenge. And I am bringing you a little idea this time:

What if the fun and relaxation doesn’t have to end with the weekend?

Seriously! Why don’t we take the self care practices and implement them into our daily life!? So here are my 5 self care Tipps for you to take home!

Self-Care Tipps

1. Face Mask

Ladies AND gentlemen. Yes both of you can profit from clean and soft skin, am I right? You don’t have to be fancy and go to a salon.

It is such a great feeling to take care of your own skin. It feels like you are your own friend and your skin is making a happy jump!

Try it out. I promise you, you have time for that!

2. Take a Bath

Oh yeah! Who doesn’t love a bubble bath? (Not you!) So what’s holding you back? You know I read that there’s this one lady CEO (I wish I had time to research her name…) she’s taking a bath every single evening. What a great way to end your day?

3. Essential Oil Rules

Copyright: conscious lifestyle magazine

So essential oils are knows to reduce anxiety and stress. They also help to clear your nose so you can breathe like an actual human being again and they heal your skin.

Ok I’ll let you in on a secret: they are actually healing SO. MUCH. MORE.

Like just a few days ago I cured my burning throat with a two drops of tea tree oil and a tea spoon of honey, no shit!

Ok back to topic. Yes they soothe your mind and can help you to fall asleep better.

It’s always best to start with lavender oil, if you ask me. It’s an all purpose kind of oil. Read about it if you don’t trust Nata-Wikipedia.

4. Call A Friend

You may not have as many friends as Ross or Rachel, but you have at least one. If not, call me.

But seriously. It’s so good to talk to a friend. I’m sure that the dopamine levels rise at some point and make you a happier human.

5. The Ultimate Self-care Tipp

Call your mother.

Hug your mother.

Give her a kiss.

She will be happy and you will be as well.

I hope that you can still do it. ❤

Okay boys and gals. I hope you enjoyed these Tipps. I’ll be back tomorrow. Tell me, what is your favorite on this list?

Good night xx,

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