A Poem

The Sun Will Shine

When it’s dark and cloudy

Don’t worry it’s fine

Above all those clouds the sun is shining brightly

Whenever the heart needs love and warmth

Remove your clouds and let it shine

When sorrow and sadness comes over you

Don’t worry don’t run – just sit with your friends

They come and they go

Just as waves of the ocean

The storm calms down as do your emotions

Whenever you’re sad you think: will it pass?

But when you are happy take a note to yourself

Remember the times when your heart had a laugh

Remember the moments when joy danced on your face

So tell to your fear that the bad days will pass

Just as the clouds will clear the path

And the sun will shine


One thought on “A Poem

  1. Great poem! I try to approach my emotions like this; they’re a natural part of life and you should just let them kind of wash over you instead of getting too caught up in the negatives 🙂


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