My Blogs Name and It’s Mission

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Grab a cup of tea and come with me on a beautiful walk through this blogpost. Let me take you to the corners and little alleys of my mind and show you why I picked the name: Simply Nata – living life simply happy.

So come, follow me!

One beautiful morning I woke up and said to myself: enough! I was already thinking a lot about making a blog as an outlet for my thoughts and for sharing cool ideas with others.

My goal was (and still is!) to show others that there are many ways to lead a healthy, happy life without falling into the trap of consumerism. I want to show that there are plenty of ways to be happy through simplicity and self-development.

Note: I am not saying now that you should not buy anything and become the king (or queen) of minimalism. No. But if you would I’d like to live in your kingdom!

What I am saying is that you should have possessions but choose quality over quantity.

So there I am. Sitting and fucking brainstorming on a name. All I really want is to use my name and my last name. But my last name doesn’t sound good… (sounds a bit like the grinch…) so I have to come up with something good.

The process was tough but the decision fell quite fast.

Simply Nata

1st Meaning

Simply Nata. Simply me. It’s my blog. My thoughts. My brain and my heart. Simply me.

2nd Meaning

The “simply” stands for the simplicity that I want to communicate in my blog. That all you need is a simple life. Because anything else is complicated and won’t make you happy.

Hence the slogan: living life simply happy.

Well. I hope you enjoyed this little walk through my blogs name and it’s meaning.

Can you share why you chose your blogs name?

Sending you love and wishing you a happy day!


2 thoughts on “My Blogs Name and It’s Mission

  1. Hi Nata! I know I could learn a bit more about living simply and not ‘buying’ into consumerism. In South Africa there is a focus on recycling and I’m definitely passionate about it, but that’s where it kind of stops. Although recently, I’ve also been buying vintage-store clothing – I think it’s my new thing haha. Anyway, thanks for putting your mission out there. I’m sure many people could benefit. Abigail 🙂


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